Videoconferencing Good Practice

Videoconferencing ,now a days is an unavoidable thing in day to day life.For Healthcare ,Education,Business ,Social Virtual gatherings ,Music etc etc.Many of us are now very experts in Videoconferencing.How can we adopt the good practice in Videoconferencing.Please follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Make sure your Internet speed is Good (At least 1 MB up/down)

Few examples everyone will have Wifi router at home but the same is shared with Family members and everyone will be using at the time of videoconferencing can deteriorate your Video quality

  • Proper Lighting

If you are doing Videoconference make sure adequate light falls on your face .And no light fall from behind.Natural Day light gives the best quality than any light.

  • Quality of the Webcam / Mobile cam

Quality of the webcam is most important.If you are using a laptop camera, built in webcam need not be a good quality. But advantage is it consumes very less bandwidth. Plug n play external webcams are good to go with any of the videoconference systems.

  • Microphone

Quality of the videoconference is always counts  on the quality of the sound .So choosing a good Mic is always important. Always good to use Headphone with Mic .It reduces unwanted noise ,echo effects.Also it is important to speak near the Mic.