Telemedicine Services

Experience Top-notch Telemedicine Services at Unarv Telemedicine

Are you seeking convenient and reliable telemedicine services? Look no further! Unarv Telemedicine provides a diverse array of online healthcare solutions tailored to meet your needs. With our team of experienced professionals, you can receive expert medical care without stepping out of your home.

Our Services:

  • Online Expert General Practitioner Consultations: Get personalized medical advice and treatment plans from our experienced general practitioners through secure online consultations.
  • Psychologist Sessions: Take care of your mental well-being with confidential online sessions with qualified psychologists who understand and support you through various challenges.
  • Yoga Online: Achieve holistic health with our online yoga classes led by certified instructors. Improve your physical fitness, mental clarity, and overall well-being from the comfort of your home.
  • Online ENT Services: Receive specialized care for ear, nose, and throat issues through virtual consultations with our ENT specialists. Get timely diagnosis and treatment recommendations without visiting a physical clinic.
  • Gynecology Consultations: Address women's health concerns efficiently with our online gynecology services. Consult experienced gynecologists for preventive care, reproductive health issues, and more.
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