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Welcome to Online Doctor consultation portal.We at Unarv Telemedicine with a decade year experience in Telemedicine understand your need for consulting a Doctor online.Our Doctors are experienced in providing Online consultation using Mobile phone or Laptop

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We provide a Chat based option where you can click on it and our Health advisor help you reach Doctor


You can call us using whatsapp on the above button and our Health advisor help you reach the Doctor Online


Consult with the Doctor on Videoconsultation platform and receive your prescription Online


Online payment portal is ready for your convienience of payment once after the consultation.

Covid19,Defend using Telemedicine

Covid19 the pandemic disease hitting all over the world .Waiting for the Medicine.Locked down at Home,Plan to consult a Doctor for minor ailments.Worried of going to hospital with people waiting to see Doctor with all kind of viral diseases . Continue reading

History of Telemedicine in Kerala

Telemedicine in Kerala was the initiative of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) .ISRO s initiative in connecting Telemedicine centers all across India connecting Specialist Hospitals to rural health centers.

First Specialist End Telemedicine center was Installed in Kerala in the Continue reading

Videoconferencing Good Practice

Videoconferencing ,now a days is an unavoidable thing in day to day life.For Healthcare ,Education,Business ,Social Virtual gatherings ,Music etc etc.Many of us are now very experts in Videoconferencing.How can we adopt the good practice in Videoconferencing.Please follow the simple Continue reading

Doctor Consultation Online

Unarv Telemedicine provide Doctor consultation online using sophisticated but simple Videoconference option from your Mobile or Laptop .

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We provide Online Doctor consultation in Modern Medicine,Ayurveda,Homoeopathy

Doctor consult online

Consult with your Doctor online using your mobile or laptop

2nd opinion

Consult with with a Specialist for second opinion or Other systems of medicine

Covid19 quarantine

Are you under covid19 quarantine .If any help required Please call 1075 in India.If you are locked down and need support call us  

Live workshops

We support Doctors for Online interactive live workshops and Training sessions 

Live conference

We help you do Healthcare conferences virtually.

electronic medical report

Do you simply want a massage for relaxation and stress control.