History of Telemedicine in Kerala

Telemedicine in Kerala was the initiative of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) .ISRO s initiative in connecting Telemedicine centers all across India connecting Specialist Hospitals to rural health centers.

First Specialist End Telemedicine center was Installed in Kerala in the Year of 2002. At Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi connecting with Indiragandhi Hospital in Kavaratti .Lakshadweep.Inaugurated by then ISRO Chairman Shri .Kasthuri Rangan.

Many of the Govt.Hospitals also connected with Telemedicine.Also Cancercare Network formed in Kerala connecting Regional Cancer center with Early detection centers around 34 sites were connected in ISRO network

In the Year 2003 historically important first Life saving procedure conducted in ISRO Telemedicine network.

In the Year 2010 first Telemedicine company in the private sector Registered ,Unarv Telemedicine and Healthcare Services (P) Ltd connecting with the subcenter in Siliguri (W.Bengal)